Downton green group

Learn new skills to re-use, recycle and save money!

Insulate your home, put on a jumper rather than turning the thermostat up

Downton Green Group aims to promote sustainable living, particularly within the local community. Our activities focus on encouraging more responsible use of the earth’s resources. thus conserving them for future generations. Working together we can reduce, repair, re-use, recycle . . . and help take care of our environment

Walk, cycle, take the bus or car share.

Start small, growing your own veg!


Who are we?  What do we do?

Downton Green Group is part of the New Forest Transition Hub.  We are a small group that meets on the last Wednesday of every month (except December) at one of the local pubs at 7:30pm.  Check the 'Events' page for the exact venue.  You are very welcome to come and join us to share ideas on how to promote a better local environment and sustainability more generally.  Either just turn up for a meeting or email

We have set up the village's Mini Recycling Centre, with aim of reducing what goes to landfill, and raising some money for charity on the side.  We are also engaged in projects to reduce the amount of plastic that we use - and finding alternative uses for otherwise non-recyclable items, via making eco-bricks.  Our latest plan is to obtain 'Plastic Free' status for the village - which will hopefully involve lots of discussion, events and action!  We have a stock of 'Boomerang' bags which are made from recycled fabric, which are available at our events for a small donation.  We also aim to make our voice heard through articles in local magazines/newsletters, responses to news or opinion items in the Salisbury Journal, and comments on local planning applications.

We run events in Downton on various aspects of sustainable living and would encourage everyone to support the Hale Local Food Market, where you can buy locally sourced produce.  See Events and News for more information.  

We are non profit making. Any monies we make are donated to local community/environmental projects. In previous years these have included the village defibrillators and the provision of nest boxes for bats and owls.  Recently we have given donations to Downton4Family, the Pantry Partnership, Alabare Trust, Downton Primary School for their Forest School project, the Purple Community Fund (a charity run by the Downton Baptist Church to aid the disadvantaged in the Philippines) and the Salisbury Secret Garden.