Downton green group

​Water filters

Low energy light bulbs


Small plant pots

Following on from last summer's evening guided 'Swift' walk, when Daniel Kronenberg of SAWS (Salisbury and Wilton Swifts - an outreach project of the Salisbury Secret Garden and also supported by RSPB South Wilts) identified some possible nesting sites for these amazing birds, the boxes are up.  One box has a sound system attached which will emit swift calls for a period both in the mornings and in the afternoons.  We don’t expect them to be occupied immediately - indeed, it may take some considerable time - but the opportunity is there.  More boxes have recently been installed at St Laurence Church.
The campaign to help swifts continues: Swift Awareness Week runs from 22nd to 30th June, and Daniel will be leading another ‘walk and talk’ in the village on 12th July - meeting at the White Horse at 7.30pm.


Felt tips, biros

Toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes

Biscuit wrappers


Members of the Green Group are currently planning an 'eco-brick' workshop.  This will provide information on how to convert discarded plastic bottles and other non-recyclable plastic into building materials, and it isn't difficult to do.  The bottles can then be collected together and used for construction projects.  The Primary School is interested in using the completed bottles to provide some outdoor play structures, so we should be 'all systems go' in the next few weeks.  If you want to find out more about eco-bricks visit the eco-bricks website.

Mini Recycling Centre

The Green Group is about to set up a mini-recycling centre in the village, where you will be able to dispose of a variety of items, knowing that they will reused or recycled in an environmentally friendly way.  Some of the items collected will also raise funds for charity.  We are going to build on what is already collected in the village, by becoming a central point for donations - but also adding in some new ideas.  The centre will rely on volunteers to take away and re-distribute what has been collected - and on everyone to keep things need, tidy and manageable!

We are hoping to collect:

Lover Repair Cafe

A new initiative up at Lover.  The cafe is open Wednesday mornings from 10 - 12 and will have a go at repairing items that might otherwise be thrown out.  Check out the article in the Summer issue of inDownton to find out more.


Go Wild at the Moot

A wonderful afternoon, with lots to do, lots to explore - and musical accompaniment to add to the relaxing vibe.  We were very lucky with the weather - at least until 3 o'clock, when the heavens opened!   We have been very pleased at how much people seemed to have enjoyed the event - and how much we all learnt about the abundance of wildlife and nature that is there to be enjoyed for free.   Our thanks to everyone who helped make the day such a success.

Cycle path to Salisbury

​Parish Councillor, Jane Brentor, is concerned about the poor condition of the cycle path to Salisbury (that is the pavement on the A338) which discourages cyclists from using it.  A letter has been sent to Wiltshire Council, asking them to carry out a risk assessment, and a reply is awaited.  

If you have seen, or been involved in, a cycle accident or near accident on this stretch of road in the past 5 years, please contact Jane on 510504 or   Following the InDownton item she has already had a good number of responses from people concerned about the safety of the path, which should strengthen the case for change.

Plastic bottle tops

Used stamps

Ring pulls

Printer / toner cartridges

Swifts in Downton:  another chance for a guided walk

We are always happy to hear from anyone who would like to suggest anything else we could do - or to volunteer to help out with moving items on, once they've been collected.  Or if there's anything that you know that people throw away, but you could find a use for.......?