Downton green group

Mini Recycling Centre update

​​The mini-recycling centre is being well used.  Several consignments of plastic milk bottle tops have already been delivered to Riding for the Disabled in Wilton (We had to change the charity for logistical reasons!)  Also two loads of flower pots has been delivered to Stewarts' Garden centre for recycling - they are happy to take pots coded with '5' or '6'.  A large number of bras have been recycled to support 'Against Breast Cancer'.  1 kg or print cartridges have been posted off to support the British Heart Foundation.  Empty toothpaste tubes and old toothbrushes have been taken to 'New Forest Live at Home'.  We are now accepting CLEAN and DRY pet food pouches in the near future as these can be taken to a Terracycle drop off point.  

Climate Emergency

What's your carbon footprint?

The Green Group ran a stall outside the Co-op in September to support the world-wide climate change emergency action week.  There was a chance to find out about how different foods impact on the environment, as well as some free samples of food stuffs with a relatively low carbon footprint. More information is available our Articles tab, which includes a link to the BBC's interactive web-page - lots of food for thought!  

Waste Free February

Did you give it a go?

Last summer's evening guided 'Swift' walk, when Daniel Kronenberg of SAWS (Salisbury and Wilton Swifts - an outreach project of the Salisbury Secret Garden and also supported by RSPB South Wilts) identified some possible nesting sites for these amazing birds, and this summer the boxes have gone up.  One box has a sound system attached which will emit swift calls for a period both in the mornings and in the afternoons.  We don’t expect them to be occupied immediately - indeed, it may take some considerable time - but the opportunity is there.  More boxes have been installed at St Laurence Church.
Daniel led another ‘walk and talk’ in the village in July and the group were pleased to report sighting swifts busy and active around St Laurence Church.

Make Wiltshire's Green Pledge

Wiltshire Council are asking you to make changes and play your part in making big changes to the environment.  The Wiltshire Green Pledge is a simple online tool to encourage people to commit to doing what they can to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  You can pledge whatever you want from leaving the car at home more often to using reusable cups -  there's plenty of simple changes you can make.  More information from Wiltshire's website.


In September, we ran a workshop at the library, and were pleased that so many people came. We worked together to pack clean and dry waste plastic into reused plastic bottles to make ‘eco-bricks’ - and so keep plastic waste out of land-fill.   Downton Guides and Rangers are also on board with the project, and gave up one of their meetings to make the bricks.  Some eco-bricks have already been sent to a recycling garden project in Christchurch, and it is hoped to use others as part of ‘Downton in Bloom’ gardening projects. 

Do you have any spare bottles?

There are several people who would like to recycle their plastic rubbish this way, but do not have the bottles in which to do it.  If you do have any suitable bottles (1 litre and 2 litre drinks bottles are useful - particularly those wider mouthed bottles) you could drop them off at the recycling shed (behind the Baptist Church) and we will see that they are re-distributed. 

Register and drop off completed eco-bricks

Similarly those who have completed eco-bricks can leave registered bricks in the shed, from where they will be  sent on to be used in construction projects.  Information on how to register your finished bricks is on the eco-bricks website.

Keep an eye out for details of further events....we may well organise another workshop.  Do let us know if you would be interested!

Make Downton Plastic Free

The Green Group and the Parish Council are working together to minimise the use of plastic across our community.   A steering group has been set up to look at five different areas where we can make a difference.  For more information, look at our Plastic Free Page.

New nest box is up!

​We have purchased an RSPB nest box to add to the primary school's garden.  This will hopefully encourage either blue tits or great tits to nest at school in the Pond Garden. The children also have plans to relocate a robin nest box in the Adventure Garden. It's great that our local children are taking the initiative here and getting on with wildlife friendly gardening!  Have a look at their web-site's eco page to find out more about what they're up to.  Here's hoping that the nest box makes a safe home for a family of birds next year.

Lover Repair Cafe

 The cafe is open Wednesday mornings from 10 - 12 and their experts will have a go at repairing items that might otherwise have to be thrown out.  They are now offering to  ensure that small / medium domestic appliances are dismantled and recycled properly - click here for more info.   You might also like to read the article in the Summer issue of inDownton to find out more.

Thanks to everyone who's using the facility - we're making a difference, however small.  The centre relies on volunteers to take away and re-distribute what has been collected - and on everyone to keep things need, tidy and manageable!  We are always happy to hear from anyone who would like to suggest anything else we could do - or to volunteer to help out with moving items on, once they've been collected.  Or if there's anything that you know that people throw away, but you could find a use for.......?


Swifts in Downton