To qualify for 'Plastic Free Status' there are FIVE objectives to meet:

1.  Council support
The Parish Council are fully supportive of the initiative and have appointed a representative to the steering group already.  They are committed to removing single use plastic from their premises - and plans are already being made as to what needs to be done.  The Council will encourage plastic free initiatives, promote the campaign and support events

2. Business support
At least 3 single use plastic items to be removed from local businesses or retailers, or replaced with sustainable alternatives.  There are already several businesses in Downton who have a good record with this - our aim is to encourage as many as possible to join in.  There is plenty of scope here to get involved!

3. Community support
As many Community spaces as possible need to become 'plastic free'.  Some are well on their way to becoming so, but there is still more to do.  If your community organisation would like to join us with a representative on the Steering Group, that would be useful - we need at least one organisation to fully commit.

4.  Plastic free events
We need to hold  at least 2 local community events open to all during the course of one calendar year.  Currently we are considering community clean-ups / fundraising / awareness raising  events - all ideas are welcome.

5.  Steering group meetings/record keeping
The Steering Group should meet at least twice a year to discuss progress and agree direction

When ALL FIVE objectives are met, Downton will be set to become an official Plastic Free Community!

For more information visit the Plastic Free web-site.


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