Downton green network

Local recycling
The Green Network run Downton's mini-recycling centre, situated around the back of the Baptist church.  The items collected sometimes vary, depending on other local recycling initiatives, so do check to find out what's happening.  Since some supermarkets (including the Co-op) have started collecting 'soft' plastics for recycling, we are adapting to fill in the gaps, rather than collect the same things.

Many other items are accepted locally, although for some you might need to look a little further afield......

Plastic food packaging not recyclable kerbside - including pet food pouches
Collected at the Coop

Ring Pulls from Aluminium Cans
Use the mini-recycling centre or take to Baptist Church (labelled drawers in entrance hall in Church generally open Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sunday mornings until 1pm) 

Clothing Exchange at Downton Baptist Church

3rd Friday each month.  Clean, good quality clothes, shoes and jewellery can be left at the Baptist Church (see above).  Any unwanted items are taken by the Trussell Trust.
Contact Jerry Budgen 07891 148542, Sue Avery 07787 574924 for further information.

Plastic Milk Bottle Tops
Currently not collected, but watch this space if you wish to raise money for charity, as we may soon have an outlet again!  They can be easily recycled by replacing them on their milk bottles and placed in your kerbside bin.

Jigsaws, Books, DVDs and CDs
Not currently recycled locally as far as we're aware.

Unwanted spectacles
Can be taken to the opticians.

Hand and electric tools plus sewing machines are collected by ‘Tools for Self Reliance’ to be refurbished for sending overseas. Similar tools and also computers are collected for a similar purpose by Tools with a Mission in Ringwood.

Empty Printer and Toner Cartridges
Take to Naomi House charity shop in the Maltings (under Sainsbury’s).  Lots of other charities have schemes that you can use - if you have a particular favourite, check to see if your used cartridges can be sent off to support it - it's usually Freepost and many charities will provide the labels for you.

Dead Batteries
Take to the Coop or the Pharmacy.

Used Postage Stamps
Not currently collected locally as far as we know.

Furniture (good condition)
Burnbake Trust will collect furniture to be donated to disadvantaged local people.  Collections are also made by the Trussell Trust Shop, British Heart Foundation and Sue Ryder, all based in Salisbury.

Unwanted white goods

The charity KFR works across Wiltshire to collect white goods like cookers, fridges and washing machines to refurbish them for sale to low income families.

Many Different Items
Charity shops and Jumble sales
‘Downton Deals’ – closed Facebook page, contact Becky Cornell (
Salisbury Freecycle