Downton green network


Separate your waste carefully for regular kerb-side collection.

Click here for kerb-side collection dates for Downton.

Click here for information about Downton's mini-recycling centre.

Use the tips on local recycling for other items.

Use facilities available at many supermarkets and at the household recycling centre - find out what can be recycled on Wiltshire Council's web-site.  Many supermarkets collect plastic carrier bags for recycling - but did you know that there are other sorts of plastic that can be recycled along with carrier bags? Check out the list.

Aim to buy products manufactured from recycled materials - recycled paper, glass, wood, plastics etc. are widely available.

When out for a picnic or having a snack away from home, look out for recycling bins or take recyclables home with you. 

Use recycled materials such as old bits of wood in your garden to provide homes for wildlife.