Downton green group

The recycling shed is situated round the back of the Baptist Church.  And the good news is that we are now able to re-open in a limited way!  The shed has had a clear out and refresh so that it is ready for some of your recycling again.  Please be aware that at present we can collect only what we know we can move on safely.  


The links provide more information about what we can and cannot accept in some of the containers.  Unfortunately, if something is left that we are not collecting it will be thrown away.  As will batches of mixed recycling - we currently don't have the resource to sort out a mixture of items.

Where else can you recycle?

Wiltshire Air Ambulance have a recycling centre in the Phoenix Emporium, Tollgate Road, Salisbury, which has now reopened.  There you can recycle crisp packets, plastic sweet wrappers, baby food pouches, Pringles tubes...... We are hoping to increase our range in future, but do not have the capacity to do so at the moment.

Please leave items in the correct containers.  

If you are leaving pet food packaging or crisp packets, please read the extra information on how to package them to help.
If there's no container, then we are not currently collecting!  

Please don't leave batteries - they are easy to recycle at the Co-op or the Pharmacy - or anywhere that sells them.........