Downton green network

Do you make jam or chutney and need jars?  Or do you have surplus jars that you don't know what to do with? There is a box at the recycling shed (behind the Baptist Church) where those who wish to dispose of jars can leave them (empty, clean and dry!) and anyone who wants some extras can take what they need.  


We are very happy for others in the community to use the space, by agreement, for collecting eg flower pots, wool and fabric scraps, egg boxes....... - even if this is only for a limited time.  So if you are a gardener or crafter in need of supplies, you could collect stuff up to a certain limit and then call a halt.  Let us know if this would interest you.....

We also collect:

  • water filters and low energy light bulbs as we can arrange for these to go to other outlets where they are accepted for recycling
  • dental waste  - which we recycle at the Phoenix Emporium in Salisbury
  • pens and markers - which are collected at Rymans

We do not collect plastic wrappers / anything that can be recycled elsewhere in the village:

  • Batteries can go to the Co-op / Pharmacy
  • Old spectacles to the opticians
  • 'Soft' plastic - i.e. plastic film / food wrapping / pet food pouches can go to the Co-op (or the Butchers whilst the Co-op is being refurbished)

The recycling shed is situated around the back of the Baptist Church, in South Lane.  Here, we collect items that are either difficult to recycle outside the village - or specific items that there is a demand to re-use.

What if you want to recycle for a charity?

If you would like to recycle in aid of charity, then Wiltshire Air Ambulance would be very grateful - they have a drop-off site for a variety of different items at the Phoenix Emporium in Salisbury.  We are happy to devote some space in the shed for these collections, if there is someone out there who would like to organise..........