Downton green group


The Repair Cafe will now take small / medium sized domestic appliances that are problematic to recycle, and strip them down to their component parts so that the materials can be recycled appropriately.  There is a small fee for this service (£1).

Ask at the cafe on a Wednesday morning or email:


  • Repairs domestic items that are broken i.e. furniture, electric, ceramics etc that may otherwise be destined for the land-fill.  They can also advise on technical matters.

  • Prepares domestic appliances for recycling i.e. strip down a food processor into plastic and metal parts. Send prepared items to an authorised recycle centre.

  • Gives support to local, selected charities offering customer donations or restored, unwanted items.

  • Provides a social hub for local people to meet and chat through concerns.

  • Provides an outlet for retired people to practice their life skills through the repair cafe outlet.

  • Supports families in need, by providing refurbished furniture and small electrical appliances.    

The cafe has now achieved over 350 repairs since starting in April of this year, with 20+ volunteers carrying out a wide range of different repairs.

Recently they have supported the following charities:

SANDS, Redlynch British Legion, McMillan Nurses and Downton 4Family

by way of donations and practical help with the supply of electrical appliances and furniture etc.