Downton green group


  • Repairs domestic items that are broken i.e. furniture, electric, ceramics etc that may otherwise be destined for the land-fill.  They can also advise on technical matters.

  • Prepares small / medium domestic appliances for recycling i.e. strip down a food processor into plastic and metal parts. Send prepared items to an authorised recycle centre.  There is a small fee for this service (£1) 

  • Gives support to local, selected charities offering customer donations or restored, unwanted items.

  • Provides an outlet for retired people to practice their life skills through the repair cafe outlet.

  • Supports families in need,  by providing refurbished furniture and small electrical appliances.    


The Cafe is now offering a "Remote Repair" service, with a drop off point on Wednesday and Friday mornings at ​ Brambles,  Vicarage Rd,  Lover SP5 2PG.  This is proving to be very popular.  In deed, since starting, due to people’s generosity, over £1000 has been raised towards our local NHS.  If you have something that is no longer working, so long as you can get it in the boot of your car the cafe repairers promise to give it a look.  So, as the restrictions are slowly eased, do make use of this brilliant service. 
On arrival you will find the Garage door open to allow you to ‘Drop Off’ and you can book the item in (from 2m away) at an adjoining window.  Hand Sanitiser will be available.   Once the team have assessed / sorted the problem, they will give you a call. 
All Government Guide Lines regarding social distancing etc. are strictly followed.
Contact Paul on 01725 510753 for further details 01725 510753 for further details.