Downton green network

Let's go reusable!  Email for more information.  Join the campaign.

Download and display our poster!

We've changed our name!

But we're still here to make a difference for the planet - helping each other to make changes, both individually and locally as a community, so that we can head towards a sustainable future.

The Network's aim is:

  • to include and encourage everyone who is concerned about the future of the planet
  • to share ideas and spread the word about what we can actually DO!  Lots of small individual actions can add up to something much bigger!

If you've got ideas which would help us get the message out there - then please get in touch and join the network!

Making marmalade?

We now have a supply of clean, empty jam jars, available from our mini-recycling shed at the back of the Baptist Church. (Not solely restricted to marmalade makers, in case you're thinking of making jam, chutney etc....!)

More information on what we collect in our shed is on our mini recycling page.

For more general local recycling information click here.

More local Green initiatives

Check out our page on local action.  ​Many individuals, organisations and businesses are already stepping up to the mark, and planning for the future.  The latest addition is the party ware featured above.

Please contact us and let us know what you are doing so that we can compile everyone's ideas into a Green Directory for Downton. Let's share the successes, and pick up as many ideas as we can.

You can contact us via  or on Facebook.

Take a look at the list on our What's going on in Downton page.

DOWNTON GREEN NETWORK: aiming to promote sustainable living within the local community.

Don't throw it away!  

See if the Repair Cafe can fix it.  

​Every Wednesday and Friday morning. 

Redlynch Village Hall

10am - 12 noon

​Leave your name & phone number, and you will be contacted when your item is ready for collection.  

You are simply asked to pay for material costs and give a donation to our Local Projects.

Enquiries: Paul 01725 510753 or preferably email

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Climate Emergency:

 Take action!

  • Visit our TIPS page for ideas.
  • Wildife Trusts has an excellent page of ideas too
  • Keep yourself informed - our links page  will put you in touch with like-minded people who really want to DO SOMETHING
  • Contact us with your ideas on helping Downton meet the challenges of climate change.

Having a children's party?

No need to buy single use paper / plastic which will end up in landfill.  You can rent reusable cups, plates, jugs, cutlery etc in aid of Downton Primary School PTA.  Contact Kate on 07971 518975.