Here are some tips on ways to make the most of Wiltshire’s recycling collection.

Click here for kerb-side collection dates for Downton.

Glass bottles & jars should be rinsed. If the lids are metal, or plastic other than black, replace them - both materials will be recycled. 

Foil food trays can be recycled along with clean used tin foil - but do not put in a plastic bag

It helps the recycling process if you can squash rinsed food & drink cans - and tuck any lids/ring pulls inside 

Clothes & textiles (and also belts, shoes & handbags) should be put into a plastic bag - these are kept separately at the MRF to be sent to Devizes Textiles where they are sorted for  reuse/recycling. 

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Downton green network

Wiltshire recycling poster

Plastic bottles (of all colours except black) should be rinsed and squashed.  Also rinsed plastic food trays (excluding black), tubs, yoghurt pots and plastic packaging such as that used for a whole range of items from toothbrushes to ink cartridges - just separate any cardboard. Small plastic items below 30mm diameter can be put in this bin if collected in a lidded pot or tub.. Cling film and plastic film tray coverings are not collected. Nor are plastic bags - recycling containers for these can be found at the larger supermarkets.  

Tetra paks are taken in this bin.

Note: hard plastics such as toys, plant pots etc. are not collected at kerbside - preferably aim to reuse or donate these. Otherwise take to the Household Recycling Centre at Churchfields where there is a plastics skip.

As well as cardboard, lightweight card such as gift cards and wrapping paper can be put in this bin, but not if there’s glitter on them!  You can also put in shredded paper, provided that it's in a cardboard box.

The ONLY items that should be put in a plastic bag are clothes, textiles etc. If you put other items in plastic bags it contaminates the waste stream and makes recycling more difficult.

Wilts County Council has full lists of what you can and can’t put in your recycling containers -