Promoting sustainable living within the local community


  • Sadly, The Green Network's Mini Recycling Centre is currently closed, as the shed itself needs repair.  As times have changed - and there are more local outlets for recycling - the only things that we were collecting  were BRITA  water filter cartridges and used pens.  These can be easily recycled in Salisbury - see below.  (The shed was often full with things that we don't collect too.......)

  • Separate your waste carefully for regular kerb-side collection.  Click here for more information from Wiltshire Council and kerb-side collection dates for Downton.  If you want to look up collection dates, you will need to enter your post-code as rubbish and recycling from different parts of Downton is collected on different days of the week.

  • Downton Co-op has a collecting box for 'soft' plastics that can't be recycled kerb-side - eg biscuit wrappers, crisp packets, pet food pouches etc

  • Aim to buy products manufactured from recycled materials - recycled paper, glass, wood, plastics etc are widely available.

  • When out for a picnic or having a snack away from home, look out for recycling bins or take recyclables home with you. 
    Use recycled materials such as old bits of wood in your garden to provide homes for wildlife.

  • Used pens can be recycled at Ryman's in Salisbury

  • BRITA Water filter cartridges can be recycled at branches of Robert Dyas and Sainsbury's

  • Tools with a Mission collect a variety of tools to send to six different African countries - click here for the list of what they need

  • Dobbies Garden Centre at Cadnam collects used garden compost bags and recycles plastic flower pots that are no longer needed

  • Downton Deals Facebook page is worth a look - as are the many charity shops in Salisbury.  Salisbury also has a Freecycle group.

  • Terracycle run a number of recycling schemes, some of which are free to use - it's worth a look at their website.  Amongst their current schemes  is one for coffee packaging, one for BabyBel wrappers and one for Marigold rubber gloves.