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Just as new insects and birds are appearing in a warming country,  gardeners are looking to more drought resistant varieties for the garden. If you watch the TV gardening programmes,  the chances are you know this already.  According to the RHS the most popular shrubs to consider are:

  • Abelia grandiflora
  • Ceanothus
  • Euphorbia characias 'wulfenii'
  • Sedum spectabile

There is a good deal more on the RHS website:  drought resistant plants

How to get the most from your garden – even in the driest summer!

Water Saving Tips for Gardeners

We have collected some further tips that show that with a bit of care and planning we can still enjoy colourful gardens in dry conditions. 

We all know and accept now that climate change is upon is, and one of the impacts is much greater unpredictability and irregularity of the day to day weather.