• Use the Salisbury Library of Things for expensive items that you might only use once of twice - whether it ge gardening tools, camping equipment, electrical gadgets - they have an amazing variety of useful things to borrow.
  • Find a use around the home for jars, cardboard cartons plastic wrappers and other packaging where possible
  • Make a compost heap or invest in a  compost bin so that you can use kitchen/ garden waste as a resource for the garden - discounted bins are available through Wiltshire Council
  • Use cut offs or fabric remnants in craft activities or to make items for the home, eg draught excluders, bunting, dolls' clothes
  • Give a new life to things you no longer want or need - donate to local jumble sales /charity shops / M&S's "Shwop Dropbox; use websites such as Freecycle, Vinted , eBay
  • Look out for, or set up, local 'swap shop' events - or maybe just swap with friends


Promoting sustainable living within the local community