Downton green group


Seedy Sunday 18 March 2017

The Memorial Hall, Downton, 2-4pm


Bee Friendly Fayre Saturday 7 October 2017

Downton Green Group chose a significant and topical theme for our autumn event - the vital role of bees and other pollinators for both food security and the natural environment.  Both fun and educational, the event provided information on how to identify pollinators, their importance to the production of staple food crops, and of course to sustaining our wild flora and fauna.  The major threats, especially to bees (not only honey bees, but the 260+ species of wild bee) were highlighted, together with the ways in which we can help in our gardens by providing nectar and pollen rich flowers, nesting places and winter shelters.

Two special activities for children occupied the young and the not so young alike: making bee hotels to provide homes for solitary bees, and icing delicious home made bee biscuits.  Many families took home the bee hotels, which had been carefully pre-prepared as kits from recycled materials.  Free seed packets of varieties of flowers especially attractive to pollinators were on offer, as were some bee friendly plants.

The special guest was Becky Twigg, director of Salisbury’s Secret Garden ( and initiator of the Bee City project.  Very knowledgeable on wild bees, Becky gave short talks on their importance and how to recognise and help them.

A variety of stalls offered food products, honey from local beekeepers, wildflower seeds and lavender bags.  Refreshments with home made cakes provided an extra welcome for visitors.

Seedy Sunday 12 March 2017

This year’s ‘Seedy Sunday’ in the Memorial Hall on March 12th attracted a record number of visitors. Possibly a few Spring–like days and the sight of daffodils turned peoples’ thoughts to growing things and the SEED & PLANT SWAP was busy.  Several parents brought children to choose their own packets of seeds and  it was encouraging that all the free vegetable/flower starter kits for children were taken - the Gardeners of the Future?

Sadly, due to the bird flu virus, the chickens were not able to come but other stalls included Creatures in Crisis, whose work is needed to help hedgehogs (who help us by eating slugs!).  Wildflowers encourage bees and ‘Bright Seeds' were selling wild flower seeds.   Commercial vegetable seeds were available from‘More Veg’ .

Re-use and recycling was another focus of the event.  Tools for Self Reliance ( were there to sharpen tools - their profits go to provide implements in developing countries. The recycling table of garden equipment showed that one person's reject is just what someone else needs!  The information boards covered a range of topics including using water carefully, making compost, dealing with garden pests. These were read with interest.

It was the last day of FAIR TRADE  Fortnight and their stall had a range of products including Easter eggs! And finally there were the refreshments - plenty of home made cakes to choose from!

​Downton Christmas Tree Festival 10-11 December

Our recyclable tree, made from old food cans made its annual appearance!

This year each can contained a message on how to have a sustainable Christmas as follows:

·         Use old Christmas cards for parcel labels

·         Don’t forget to shred the Christmas tree

·         Use shredded confidential paper for packing

·         Make your own cards from recycled materials

·         Make Christmas food as local as possible

·         Don’t waste food – freeze and eat later

·         Support charities by buying their cards

·         Adopt’ a tree, flower or animal as a gift

·         Give charity membership as presents

·         Give public transport season tickets

·         Find a new home for unwanted gifts

·         Keep ribbon and other materials for next year’s decorations

·         Look for eco friendly and recycled gifts (e.g.

·         Unwrap carefully to reuse wrapping paper

Will Smart Meters make your home fuel efficient?

​Wednesday 7 December, 11.30-1.30

Downton Green Group on 7th December at 11.30 in the White Horse Stables Room, The Borough, Downton hosted a short talk and Q&A session on the use of Smart Meters.  This event was run by CSE (Centre for Sustainable Energy), an impartial Bristol charity which offers free energy advice to householders in the South West.  Help was also available until 1.30pm for anyone on anything energy-related such as checking if you are on the best tariff and whether you are entitled to the £140 WarmHome Discount plus advice on the use of heating controls.  Refreshments were available.

​Apple Day  - ​Saturday 15 October 2016

Apple Day celebrated the season with an invitation to those with surplus apples to exchange them for juice. Using a traditional press, members of the Green Group chopped and juiced apples at a great rate. Inside the hall a range of stalls featured local produce, both savoury and sweet, along with hand crafted lavender bags. Local experts offered apple variety identification and advice on the cultivation of fruit trees. There were displays outlining the aims and activities of the Green Group and our plans for the future, along with information on the vital role of pollinators and how to attract them to the garden. The Group had also gathered for display a selection of traditional recipes using apples. Refreshments were enjoyed, including apple cake of course!

Seedy Sunday 2016 - Sunday 13 March in the Memorial Hall, Downton


Christmas Tree Festival, St Laurence Church, 13-14 December

Salisbury Transition City Launch

Seedy Sunday 1st March


Christmas Tree Festival, St Laurence Church, December

Green Energy Day, 4 October

Seedy Sunday, 9 March


Christmas Tree Festival, St Laurence Church, December

Apple Day, 19 October

Seedy Sunday, 24 February


Seedy Sunday, 26 February


Apple Day, 15 October

Seedy Sunday, 27 February


Film - Power of the Community, 17 April