Downton green network


Where you can, choose to replenish your supplies by refilling rather than buying new packaging each time.

In Downton, you can buy a variety of food items, toiletries and cleaning stuff from Stable and Wick, who have a re-fill station run by Blueberry Den and food stuffs such as nuts, oats, flour etc supplied by Wilton Wholefoods.  You can buy these loose, by taking your own bags and containers.  The Green Group has a supply of marked plastic containers that you can reuse again and again to pick up your laundry liquid, dishwasher detergent, liquid hand wash etc - contact us should you need some!

There are other companies who supply minimal / zero waste goods.  The Green Network can help with such items as toilet rolls, as we have a supplier who refuses to use plastic wrapping.

There are zero waste shops springing up in other locations too - Blueberry Den are about to open a shop in Winchester Street in Salisbury, and Ringwood has a couple of outlets too.