Promoting sustainable living within the local community


What is happening in the garden at the moment?

 Any changes from previous years?

January      Snowdrops in full flower in the garden
FebruaryFlowering cherry in full bloom - so far no frosts to destroy the blossom.  On fine days, full of pollinators

Daffodils are out and have been for most of the month

Tomatoes and peppers have germinated well indoors, using a propagator supplying gentle heat underneath

Would you like to be involved with identifying changes in our local flora and fauna?
It is easy to see the larger picture of climate change with the reports of flooding, bad storms and drought, but what is happening on a smaller local scale? How are the vegetables and flowers that we like to fill our gardens with coping? What new pests do we see? And how is our local wild life coping?
By observing from season to season, month by month the changes can be observed and useful information shared with local people and also included in national data bases.
We would like to ask local residents to keep and share a climate diary, noting such things as:

  • how well your seeds germinated
  • when blossom or flowers first appeared - early or later than you would expect?
  • comparison of home grown veg crop yields
  • your first swallow / house martin / swift sighting of the year
  • any new pests appearing in the garden
  • the insects which have made the kids bug hotels their home

Please share these observations with us all - you can get in touch  via our contact page or on Facebook .  We can then build up a picture of how the changing climate is affecting this valley in Wiltshire.

The effects of the changing climate on our local environment