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 Look after your soil

Adding organic matter to the soil improves its structure, which helps it to retain moisture.
Keep exposed areas covered in winter to help lock in moisture
Up to 70% of water can evaporate from the soil on a hot day if you don’t have mulch as a protective layer on top. Therefore mulching is one of the best moisture holding strategies you can employ. It prevents evaporation from the soil surface, helps suppress water-thieving weeds from growing and many mulches add vital nutrients to the soil at the same time.  Ideally use a coarse mulch which allows water/rain to move down through to the soil. A depth of 3-5cm in a pot (depending on the size) and even deeper (8-10cm) in a garden bed is ideal.   Apply mulch onto moist soil and water in well. Mulching flowerbeds, and around the base of shrubs and trees in spring, prevents moisture from evaporating during dry spells. 
Mulching the surface of hanging baskets traps moisture; and using water retentive crystals or gel means that tubs and containers need watering less frequently.